Written/ Spoken by: Chelsey Cruz PLEASE NOTE THIS WRITING/AUDIO IS SENSITIVE: Loud war sounds like guns, bombs and loud bangs. Expression on experience with Child Sexual Abuse, Substance Abuse, War and Violence.  Message to the listeners: This free writing piece started off as a search to reclaim my self identity and ended with me interconnecting not just […]

It’s a new world. We are in a new space and time in this universe and now comes the grand ol’ question: “Now what?” So, let’s be real. We don’t know what is happening, although we are being “told” everything is good, that things will slowly, and one day, go back to ‘normal’ we know […]

I know we are in a scary time. I know that the future, is completely unknown. I know we are worried about our loved ones, our financial income could be jeopardized and that there are many of us stuck in an uneasy state. You are stronger than you think. You can still make your dreams […]

The last couple of weeks have brought the new year of the “New Decade” to an unexpected yet frightening pause. Yes, with the Covid19 pandemic flooding social media, our timelines, and our heads, it is easy to feel completely out of control at this time. For me, being ‘in control’ is my thing but it […]

Story by: Dacia TaleniPhotos provided by: Dacia Taleni When you hear the words “Samoan girl”, what do you think about? I used to envision a thin, fair-skinned woman with long dark hair and a wide red lipstick smile. This woman is in all the Samoan movies, advertisements and cultural celebrations. She is always the bride, […]

“Why, Lady Pasifika?  What does Lady Pasifika stand for? Aren’t you just a magazine?  Why are you going that direction?  Who are you? Who do you think you are?” All good questions, all constantly on repeat.  It has been 2 years and 10 months since Lady Pasifika’s launch.  The initial vision for Lady Pasifika was […]

This past summer, Lady Pasifika was incredibly honored to collaborate with an amazing group of Pasifika women that embody everything Lady Pasifika hopes to convey through our platform: fearlessness, passion, community, and unapologetic leadership.  With the collaborative effort of these amazing and talented women, Lady Pasifika is completely honored to share this candid story on […]