About Us

Lady Pasifika was envisioned more than ten years ago under its’ original name, PolyLady.  Ten years later once the vision and process came together, the community in which we serve has grown and there has been an influx of different ‘Nesian communities now settled into Hawaii.  It was fitting to expand our original mission and reach out to all Pacific Island women, thus Lady Pasifika was born.

Through Lady Pasifika, we hope to inspire our readers to pursue their passions and remain rooted in our beautiful Pasifika traditions.  In order for our cultures to survive, we must take our values with us as we navigate our way in the modern world.  There are many obstacles we face as Pacific Islanders in the Western World but we believe there is a strong strength in numbers.

We as Pacific Island women can get involved in our communities by: organizing community service events, attending local community meetings and speaking up and out against rules and regulations that affect our lives as women and Pasifika women, etc.   The more we are involved in our communities, the bigger impact we will have in creating and securing our futures.  We can accomplish the same successes as other women in the world while remaining steadfast in our history and traditions.  We do not have to give up our traditional customs and/ or modern ways in order to be a successful woman in the world.  We can embrace both roles and through Lady Pasifika, we aim to be a bridge to both worlds.