Silver Lining

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit quiet here but to be honest, we’ve been busier now than ever before.

With the shutdowns & setbacks of #COVID19 for everyone, this time for Lady Pasifika has gifted us the much needed, unexpected & beautiful opportunity to restructure, reorganize and rethink our mission and strategy. During this difficult period across the globe, we’ve regrouped and revisited different methods to remain in line with our mission & to stay connected. Since our debut, it been on a non-stop wave of events, interviewing, planning for the next issue, story, talking with people etc. but COVID19 has put a stop to a lot of what we “used” to do.

Looking to the future, we know things may not go back to the “way they used to be” possibly ever which is why we must continue our mission. As women, and specifically Pacific/ Pasifika women, we are already marginalized, so it is imperative we remain steadfast to the mission of sharing OUR stories and OUR views on issues that are relevant to us as a community. With so many platforms and organizations losing funding, financial backing, etc. during this time we had to get creative in staying afloat for our community. So we brainstormed, we dug deep and alas, struck gold. We’ve already mentioned before that the platform of Lady Pasifka as a magazine would change but again, as anything living and breathing, changes continue and we are in the midst of that change.

There are some tough decisions that have to be made but we know this will help grow our community’s reach and potential on a much larger scale. This is the reality of life. It is important for us to continue for our community to be seen, heard and felt. It is important to continue to make clear to the world that: WE EXIST, WE’RE STILL HERE and WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE. A pandemic indeed can destroy and devastate so many things but it will not destroy our spirit, our MANA. In fact, this pandemic has only ignited the fire that grew stagnant in me for awhile.
The Silver Lining can be hard to detect during such challenging times but when you do find it, it brings so much wisdom and value that will be worth it all.

I pray for peace among all our readers and dedicated followers. I pray for peace among our communities across the globe and pray that one day, not only will this pandemic be gone for good but we will be able to celebrate again, IN person, IN the masses as we deserve to. But for now sisters, pray for us as we navigate this new chapter, season and growth. We’re praying and cheering for you all, as always.

Alofa atu,
Tolua (Founder)

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