Opening our minds to everything good

It’s a new world. We are in a new space and time in this universe and now comes the grand ol’ question: “Now what?”

So, let’s be real. We don’t know what is happening, although we are being “told” everything is good, that things will slowly, and one day, go back to ‘normal’ we know things will never be the same. Knowing this and understanding this-is a scary proposition. Of course it is! Because we are humans, and humans are constantly stuck on what ‘was’ and that, is a crutch.

What ‘was’ is gone and now it is time to make way for what is, now and that includes, opening up our minds to everything good for us, right now. There is so much opportunity for us to make the most of our lives, right now. If we’ve learned anything from this-it’s that time is an illusion. We do not have it, own it, and will never ‘have’ it. So why waste ‘time’ holding on to negativity? I don’t necessarily mean only negative people, or negative situations but we can also look at a negative outlook and/ or mindset.

I’m sure we’ve all seen infomercials or have seen multiple ads via social media or Youtube of spiritual or life-coach gurus promising you a new mindset, a lavish elevator speech of an awakened mindset with promises of riches and wealth beyond your dreams. We’ve all seen them and at some point have allowed the infomercial to continue. We listen, we’ve listened to at least one sale about improving your life by shifting your mindset then investing an insane amount of money to learn this trick of the trade. Yawn.

I’m not going to try to talk you into buying anything-what I want to provide you is that same message of an ‘elevated mindset’. Even in this dreary situation, it is so important to keep our mindset elevated and READY for good. We deserve all that is good in our worlds, all that is positive and all that is abundance. Be it: health, more peace in your life, quality days where you truly appreciate the events of your day, a financial explosion! ALL OF IT! And why not?

We work hard for everything we want so why can’t we tap into this elevated mindset and hold ourselves to stay in that elevated space? I used to journal when I was a lot (A LOT!) younger often in order to help clear the space in my head especially when I had A LOT going on. It takes work but I have begun journaling again and I don’t know why I stopped doing it so long ago. Journaling is part of the work to keeping your mind in an elevated state. Journaling is a physical manifestation of what’s going on inside of you whether you are aware of it, or not.

Recently through journaling, I’ve released a lot of mess that was occupying space in my head and in that found, clarity. I was unsure of where I wanted to take this beautiful platform because I thought “wanting to make money” and “community service” did not mix but I was so wrong. When we are in abundance especially in wealth, for those of us who want truly serve our communities, we can do MORE good-so why not want more? In this business of media, community building and serving the future of our community I USED to think it was tricky, but not anymore. I now know that I deserve EVERYTHING GOOD and ALL the good things and abundance I deserve because I know what I am doing is of the highest service and for the purpose of good. And this is what I want to leave you with-is this same exact message. You are worth every.damn.good.thing you want. Did you hear me? You ARE worth EVERY DAMN GOOD THING YOU WANT and DESIRE. WE ARE WORTH EVERY DAMN GOOD THING, WE WANT AND DESIRE!

So this is my message loves, be ready for ALL the good things coming. Sisters, be ready to be open to all the good, I can feel it, and I am living in this right now. I can’t wait to write you from my dream home, lavishly vacationing while sharing and celebrating ALL OUR WINS, together! Coming out of this pandemic, it is time to LIVE BIG, to DREAM BIG and to KNOW, everything good is coming. Let’s start now, let’s start with this mindset, believe in it and do the work to keep your mindset elevated. I promise you, I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to hear your experiences in this. Lady Pasifika is moving to a new height loves and let’s get there, TOGETHER!

Alofa tele atu,


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