You are Built for This

I know we are in a scary time. I know that the future, is completely unknown. I know we are worried about our loved ones, our financial income could be jeopardized and that there are many of us stuck in an uneasy state.

You are stronger than you think. You can still make your dreams come true-it’s just going to take some creativity to get there. Maybe you wanted to travel the world, maybe you wanted to complete a marathon, maybe you wanted to be your own boss, complete college or graduate school. These dreams are still possible-even if the world is telling you, it is not.

We are all going through this unplanned change in our lives from students, to employees who are no longer able to report to work, to business owners who now have to figure out how to sustain their businesses and/ or employees. With Lady Pasifika, the decision to go completely digital was a tough one but now, it seems like it was the right call. We are working out ways we can stay connected to our community, virtually. For those who have attended our brunch events, do not fear! We are working on a way to continue our gathering even if we have to do it via Zoom!

Photo by Image Team

But this-repeat after me, “will not get us down.” “This will not get us down.” As everything, this too shall pass. It may be a little different than what we planned or we may have to adjust our ‘grand plans’ but, we will get through this. We-together we, will. You know when I began writing this blog post, I immediately began with negativity-honing in on the uncertainty of the times and the reality of what our world is going through. I stopped myself and had to re-wire and rethink about what my intentions were for this post.

There are so many articles/ blogs/ videos of people talking about the devastation of the current pandemic which is very real and not anything to dismiss but I did not want to contribute to the fear factoring of news so instead I focused on what I really felt in my gut which was to write a love letter to you all. I hope this resonates with you and that it helps to calm the uneasiness you may have, even if just for a bit. We are human, it is natural to be scared, to think the worst and allow ourselves to be swallowed up by it.

Photo by Image Team

To help with rewiring my attitude-I had to think about a “new word” for the remainder of this year. “Adapt” has become my go-to when things become overwhelming or fear begins to creep in about everything: my goals for my finances this year, my plans for the vacation I was planning to take this year, my hopes and goals for Lady Pasifika and my other ventures that I wanted to “tackle” this year, etc. But remembering I have to adapt to everything that is happening to me, and not just to ‘me’ but to the entire world-it seems to calm me.

This is where we are now. There are so many more things to come for us, positive, innovative things, I can feel it. My instincts have never been wrong so hold on to that for now. We are built for this, we are going to get through this. It is going to take creativity, innovation and humility. We may have to start from scratch, maybe what we wanted to do or put out there this year won’t be perfect but, we are pushing through this anyway. Because in order to stay active, strong and resilient, we have to keep moving. Keep moving sisters, we all need each other.

Alofa tele,

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