The FASHION issue debut!

What an incredible ride for Lady Pasifika these past few months.

We debuted our take of a ‘Fashion Issue’ on the same date as our brunch event back in July and what a whirlwind!  This issue has taken us to another level as far as interest in our publication to building networks that have expanded beyond Lady Pasifika.

Our message was clear with this issue: to highlight some of the amazing talent within the Pasifika whom are involved in the notorious fashion and beauty industry.  For most of us, the subject of fashion is either obsessive (I am obsessed!) or completely uninteresting.

My vision was to bring the stories of these amazing creatives to the forefront and rather than focus on their roles in the industry, I wanted our readers to see our subjects as people they can relate to who happen to be in these industries.

The fashion and beauty industry seem so pretentious to most people but if there is a genuine interest and passion there-just as any other career, true grit and passion can lead to a successful and fulfilling career.  What we wanted, was to highlight the journeys these creatives that we profiled, have been through to get where they are now.  This does not necessarily mean this is it for these creatives, but to read how much work, how much failure and heartbreak it takes to get to that goal truly puts one into perspective on how much work it takes to go after your dreams.

We highlighted Samoan designer Afa Ah Loo, Chuukese Beauty Artist Nate Glamz & debuted the latest collection from Hawaiian designer Lex Breezy Hawai’i!   There are so many gems in this issue, quick! Get your copy before we sell out!

Thank you for your continued support, Alofa tele atu-



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