The Fight For The Right to Choose

Very recently, in the United States, the threat of having the choice to decide to keep one’s pregnancy or not is being challenged across the country.

What is meant to be a private, intimate matter for a female, has now become the subject of the nation, and it is frightening.  In 2019, individual lawmakers are working to begin punishing women through confinement and some states even electing for death, over the decision of keeping an embryo, or not.

femalepain2This is a scary time for our women.  What is being designed as a campaign for “pro-lifers” pitting those who feel they are righteously and courageously ‘defending’ the lives of unborn children vs. sluts, whores, “feminists”, women who hate children, satan-worshippers, uneducated women, atheists, ungodly people, etc.  You get where I’m going with this.

These strategic messages are being used to mask the true war here: the right for women to choose.

US.  Our mothers, our sisters, our aunties, our trans sisters, our trans brothers, our cousins, etc. These specific lawmakers have designed this exactly this way.  They want us to fight each other, to conspire against each other so that we do not see the true issue at hand which is the archaic desire to control women.

Certain lawmakers can’t take that women are making decisions for themselves. Women are deciding on their own about future family planning, women are taking control of their futures and certain lawmakers are completely intimidated by women coming into positions of power; especially us women of color.

This very scary possibility will dictate a woman’s decision to terminate a pregnancy no matter if you are a victim of sexual assault, a victim of incestual rape, or not ready for motherhood, are not in the right mind frame, financial situation, with an abusive partner, etc. YOU will not get to decide YOUR future because, by law, YOUR future has been decided for you.




Unfortunately the issue of religion and the use of religious rhetoric and threats of damnation and hell are deeply rooted in Pacific Islander cultures.

It is this religious rhetoric that has forced so many of our girls to choose the desperate decision of suicide, self-harm and/ or abandoning their newborn child immediately after birth because of the stigmatism that comes with pre-marital pregnancy and/ or sex.  I bring this subject up because many Pacific Islanders stand by these degrading protests to ban abortion BECAUSE of religion.

Many Christians believe like they have the right to tell a woman, what is best for her.  This has been since the dawn of creation it seems.  That a woman must seek permission from her superior (MEN) to want, need and/ or to feel something.

IT IS 2019!

This attack on women’s right to decide for themselves will no further save lives than it will add to the many more deaths and/ or crippling injuries that WILL occur because women of color (who are and will be severely affected by this “pro-life” facade) will be forced to either have to find someone to perform the abortion for them (illegally and will most times be done by a non-professional) or reach for more desperate alternatives such as self harm and/ or suicide.


Why is this such an important issue?

THIS SUBJECT is important because this very restrictive, degrading possibility sets a very dangerous precedent for us.

Should this become a national law, who knows what other freedoms will be stripped from us? We could lose our ability to vote, to exist outside our home without a male chaperone. We may lose our freedoms to decide whether we want to marry or not, to pursue a higher education or to even get an education.

The most frightening issue is, is that our daughters and girls may not be able to choose their futures and that is the danger. This fight isn’t about now, it is about their future.

To learn more about the proposed abortion bans and those that have been passed in the United States, visit:

“Heart Beat Bills-very misleading “bills” deliberately named to mislead those uneducated about early pregnancies, abortions and options.

Some States working to get to the U.S. Supreme Court to possibly overturn historical Roe vs. Wade case that changed the history of power and choice for women.

Articles on the reality of what the numbers of women who may die and/ or suffer if abortion is outlawed.

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