What a whirlwind of a year! Happy 2019 to our friends, followers and family! We’ve been busy at work on bringing our 3rd issue to print and into your hands!

2018 was an amazing journey for us as a new group/ team. We’ve had our rough patches as any new organization but we feel confident in our potential and stronger as a team.  

We are incredibly grateful and humbled to have Tenelle and Jennifer Dugwen Chieng grace our first ever-DUAL COVER issue!  It was our mission for this issue to highlight athletes and artists in this issue in order to showcase the beauty of both fields that are often treated exclusively to one another.

Pacific Islanders historically have been praised for their athletic ability as well as artistic talent so it was our vision to highlight them, together.  We are excited for you to read about some amazing women and men, in our latest issue.

We are also very excited to have musician Izik as our male artist  highlight and Jesse Sapolu featured as our male athlete highlight.  Both of these highlights reflect and model what we admire in our community members who are taking brave steps to empower our communities and have found ways to give back to their communities in their unique ways.

Get your physical copy NOW-they are going fast!

Thank you for staying with us and continuing to believe in our vision and mission.


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