Lady Pasifika’s Women’s Entrepreneur Brunch 2018

What an amazing turn out for our first public event!  The Women’s Entrepreneur Brunch event was inspiring and turned out an amazing audience of Pasifika women from all walks of life.  We are so honored to have made face to face connections with some amazing women from within our community.


Our amazing speakers for our first event brought an amazing energy to the event and delivered exactly what we promised: real life experiences, honest advice and inspiring words of wisdom.

Our Speakers: Tifa Ito, Georgina Onesi & Careena Tipoti

Tifa Ito of Liquid Therapy Media
(Photo courtesy of Liquid Therapy Media)

Tifa Ito LPWEB18.jpg

Tifa’s story was definitely one a lot of us can relate to.  Tifa shared her real life struggle in making the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur and how she gradually took the leap.  It is so common for us, especially as women, to doubt ourselves and our capabilities.  We received such awesome insight from Tifa on running a media company within the wedding industry and the challenges her company has faced from the industry itself and how she balances ‘work’ life and ‘Mom’ life in which she stated that as a full-time entrepreneur-she is able to truly be there for her daughter which is the motivating factor for so many of us.  Thank you Tifa for your sharing your beautiful story with us and we are so honored to be on this journey together.


Georgina Onesi of Foilole Cosmetics (with flower crown on)
(Photo courtesy of Foilole Cosmetics)

Gina’s story was a true testament to one’s faith in oneself and purpose.  Gina shared her personal testimony on her personal struggles with alcohol and partying as a young adult and being in her ‘own’ way when it came to following her dreams.  Gina definitely touched our audience with her heartfelt story and natural stage presence and we look forward to sharing her story more in depth in the ‘ALOHA’ issue.  Thank you Gina for sharing your truth and for being open to our audience and to us.

Careena Tipoti of Careena Tipoti Photography


Careena’s story was particularly special and very relatable for a lot of Pacific Islander community that has had a life in sports their entire lives and suddenly found themselves outside of that world.  Careena’s story of her personal trials and journey from an athlete to an entrepreneur was inspiring for so many in the audience as tears flowed while her message was received.  Life is not at all what we imagine but we are guided by a force much bigger than ourselves and if we give into that power, we find ourselves exactly where we are supposed to be, no matter how difficult.  Thank you Careena for sharing such a beautiful and triumphant story with our audience and we look forward to sharing more with our wonderful readers and followers about you.

We want to thank our amazing speakers for spending their Sunday morning with us and for giving our audience an amazing experience for our first brunch event.  We look forward to working together in sharing more amazing stories and the amazing journeys we are all on.  To our guests, we are incredibly grateful for your faith in our small organization/ business and it is our mission to support our women in our communities and produce a platform for our women.  We look forward to seeing all of you again soon and sharing more uplifting moments together as we embark on our journeys as BOSS women, together.

Here are some photos from the event, click, tag, post and tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on your experience!


Team Lady Pasifika

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