This is a scary journey. I’ve dreamt of you for ten years never thinking I’d ever pursue you.

I drew mock up covers of the magazine I’d picture you to be-with glamorous shots of beautiful Pacific Island women of all sizes, being celebrated, adored, admired-just for being us.

I imagined an agency, filled with passionate Pacific Island women-writing, researching, promoting other amazing Pacific Island women that were in the community pursuing their dreams!  But I did I follow through with these visions? No.  Why? Because I was scared.

I was scared of failing.  I was scared of being judged and of what people would think about me.  I was worried about other people’s opinions because I was not as confident in myself and my abilities at that time of my life.  I allowed myself to be scared away from something I was truly excited about because of my early insecurities.

That was me, 10 years ago and I have still dreamt of you and yearned to pursue you.  So now, I am going after that fire, but this time, I’m envisioning a much larger platform and a need to serve in ways that will help our women grow years from now.  So, with much risk and excitement, I am challenging myself.  This is for our women, for our daughters, for our ancestors, for US.

5 thoughts on “Be still, my heart.

  1. Talofa from Samoa Lady Pasifika,

    My name is Tina and I’d like to congratulate you on your magazine!

    Congratulations! I was born and raised in Hawai’i so this is fabulous news.

    I love your site and just wanted to drop you a note to congratulate you and say that I’d love to help promote your work via tautalatala.com.

    All the best.



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