Lady Pasifika’s PREMIER Issue, ‘RECONNECT’, Drops!

Hi everyone, Tolua here.  I am so incredibly grateful to have come this far.  As our bio states, Lady Pasifika was envisioned more than ten years ago, as Polylady!  I was in college, and I envisioned a magazine specifically for Polynesian women.  I wanted to write and talk about Polynesian female issues concerning: our cultures, our traditions while living in a modern world, our different battles in fitting into the “modern” world, etc. I was 22, terrified and completely overwhelmed with the idea of “starting” something like that at such a young age with no idea on how to go about it.

Fast forward, twelve years later, PolyLady! expanded into Lady Pasifika and I am so proud to be able to present my “baby” to the world.  It is a scary place to be for me, as we all know, when you “put” yourself out there, exposing our vulnerabilities, our hearts on our sleeves, etc. we are much more prone to getting hit with so much criticism.  But after letting my baby sit in the corner (all you Dirty Dancing fans!) for 10+ years, I wasn’t going to allow that to be, any longer.

With the help of some great friends who are doing amazing things in our community, I found the courage and inspiration to bring Lady Pasifika, to the world, where she belongs.

I’m so excited to present a product that I feel is very much needed today in the craziness of social media and the world wide web at our fingertips.  We are here to celebrate everything there is to celebrate about being Pasifika women!  Our traditions, our cultures, our modern lives, our bodies, our hair, our styles-EVERYTHING.  Nothing is off limits.

So the launch of our first issue has been a LONG TIME coming.  Twelve years to be exact.  I hope that in sharing this information and the launch of Lady Pasifika, we inspire you ALL to pursue your calling.  Sometimes, actually A LOT of the time, we ‘think’ we know what we want or where we are supposed to be in life and then life throws you a curve ball and you completely change direction.  I have changed direction my ‘career’ choices and academic path so many times and I truly feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Know that this is just the beginning, there is so much more to come and I am so excited to share this with you all.  Thank you for believing in us and for coming along with us because the more of us that are united, the STRONGER we are!!!!

Manuia! (Cheers)


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