Talofa lava, Aloha, Hafa Adai, Malo o e lelei, Raam anim, Kia ora, Ia ora na, Ko na mauri mauri, Bula!

We welcome you with the warmest salutation to our humble community and site where our mission is to simply, share real stories about our bad-ass community of women.

We’ve reached an important point in our journey as a young company in recognizing that we are viewed as an authentic platform representing our Pasifika women and relevant issues that involve our communities. We’ve been able to connect with many of you across the globe through our social media channels and we are grateful to have you on our website where you will find more content, the newest updates on Lady Pasifika and we invite you to get on our email list, here.

So far, we’ve produced 4 physical publications and have interviewed numerous women and men who are the perfect representation I imagined when I dreamt of Lady Pasifika.  We’ve also been blessed to share stories directly from our friends and family through our blog(HER)space which has generated amazing content and deeper connections among our vast community.

To kick off our Fall Issue campaign, we are proud to partner with Community Leader and Activist, Ruby Fuala’au who is pictured in our banner above, as our lead model for our Fall Issue Ad Campaign. Ruby’s story of activism for the LGBTQIA+ community, her journey as the Co-Founder of Tifa i Moana, Digital Creator for Le Fale Lalaga and thriving role as a leader will be featured in our Fall Issue: THANK YOU. Stay tuned as we release more Ads promoting our only issue for 2020 and more information regarding: THANK YOU.

Visions change as organically as life. We’ve shifted a few things but never our mission. We are here for our community, sharing stories that resonate with you, that you keep with you and hopefully inspire you when you are at your lowest. We are here, cheering for you and sending so much alofaaga across the Moana to all of you, our beautiful community!

Alofa tele,


PS/ The beautiful background artwork is by artist Salote K. We are so grateful to Salote for allowing us to showcase her beautiful artwork on our website.