Talofa lava, Aloha, Hafa Adai, Malo o e lelei, Raam anim, Kia ora, Ia ora na, Ko na mauri mauri, Bula!

Welcome to the official website for Lady Pasifika!  We are honored to serve our Ladies of the Pasifika (Pacific) through our humble publication.

Our mission is to empower our Pacific Island women through our magazine and we aim to highlight and celebrate the women of the Pacific Islands who are making positive movements in our communities, across the Pasifika.

We are a quarterly magazine for now as our publication is a labor of love and we strive to remain as authentic, transparent and mission-based, as possible.  We strive to publish stories told to us by the fascinating women of the Pacific Islands and will cover events that are positive and empowering for all Pacific Islanders.  We have just released our premier issue in both a digital platform and printed platform for your viewing pleasure.

Come with us on our journey as we navigate our way into a new world and bring to life a dream and passion that was planted more than ten years ago, in our hearts.  We want to include all women of the Pacific in our publication and are seeking to tell the stories of our women today and of the past in order to guide our women of the future into the 21st century and beyond.